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8ch AlienHero With 4 x 720TVL Eyeball Domes

 8ch alienHero  


 True Realtime D1 Recording  

 Video Analytics

 Free DNS  

 Autoport - Automatic Port Forwarding

 4 x 720TVL Eyeball Domes   

 CCTV Window Client Software  

 4 x CCTV Warning Signs

The alienHero was designed for the professional CCTV installer. This powerful unit has all the best features without the price tag. It has true Realtime D1 recording on all channels, 'AutoPort' making internet setup a breeze and free dynamic DNS setup. The Hero also features built in video analytics, full alarm inputs, HDMI output and possibly the easiest, most efficient menu system on the market.

Along with the Hero you get 4 x 720TVL, 12V DC eyeball domes. These compact eyeball domes have a 2.8-12mm varifocal Megapixel lens, up the co-ax and RS485 OSD control, 36 IR LEDs with a 30m range and super wide dynamic range. These great cameras are suitable for both internal and external use.